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Next batch drop will be MagnaCut (64HRC) on August 9th at 12pm EST. Blade shapes are drop point (“D”) or spear point (“S”). Batch will contain one or more of the following…

Bushcrafter D with OD Green TeroTuf

Bushcrafter S with OD Green G10

Forester D with Orange G10

Forester D with Earth Brown G10

Forester D with Blue Jean TeroTuf

Forester S with OD Green G10

Forester S with Jade G10

Hunter D with Ultem

Hiker D with Black G10

Hiker S with Forest Green G10

Trekker D with OD Green G10

Trekker S with Toxic Green G10

Trekker S with Cherry Red G10

The main difference between all of the models is the length of the blade and the ergonomics of the handle. All blades are made from the same steel thickness, with the same grind, and the same process.


4" blade length

8.75" overall length

1.25” width


3.5" blade length,

7.75" overall length,

1.25” width


3" blade length,

7" overall length,

1.15” width


2.5" blade length,

5.5" overall length,

1” width

Remove the scales from the knife. You will find the steel name and Rockwell hardness hammer punched in on the knife tang.

Yes, all of my knives are handmade from scratch by myself in Ohio. My production process allows me to create my own blades using the technique of “stock removal”. This is simply where I begin with steel stock in the desired thickness, and then excess material is removed on various planes until I am left with the full shape of my knife. This is done in batch production where atleast a dozen knives will be moved together through each stage. I use Peter’s Heat Treating for my heat and cryo treatments that will result in a very hard and high performing steel. After heat treat, I begin the fine finishing where handle scales and a sheath will be individually created for each blade.

Blades can be returned for any reason within a week of delivery if they remain unused. I stand behind my product 110%. Please contact me anytime, and I will be quick to respond if you have a question, problem, or concern.

Knives are cutting tools, and they should never be used to pry or screw. Proper use requires the force be applied from edge to spine. I grind my blades thinner behind the edge (apex) and harden the steel to higher Rockwell levels than most production companies for increased cutting performance, but this will result in a loss of toughness. I have chosen to value this increase in cutting performance over the slight loss of toughness because I believe it makes a better tool. Batoning is not recommended due to the higher experience needed of understanding different woods and safe pressures. If a blade breaks due to misuse, you can send it in for a free regrind.

I, David Stefan, am a 28 year old from Cleveland, OH. I have been into knife collecting since I was 15. I became addicted to knives and tools before I knew it. My passion has only increased over time as I started making knives about 5 years ago. Everything at “Terra Knives” is handmade by myself with nothing but love, passion, and patience.